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Project Description
Orz framework is more like a helpful library, if you are develop with DotNet framework 3.0, it will be very useful to you.
Orz framework encapsulates many useful features, use it, developers can easily develop their own applications.

As the "Orz" body language, it would make developers aware of the value of the framework, resulting in the mentality of admire.

Orz framework features:
1. Publish subscribe mechanism base on Delegate.
2. Common converters, it's useful to wpf application.
3. GZip compresser.
4. Xml and Binary Serialization.
5. Wpf Controls
a. FillWrapPanel, a wrappanel fill all the space.
b. PasswordBox, a passwordBox which will display the current input character and the next character(if existed), and then masked after a few seconds.
6. WinDllInvoker, a dynamic api invoker.
More features will be added later.

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